Snáithe fuála Croí-Poileistear / Cotton-Poileistir

Snáithe Fuála Croí-Spún

MH corespun polyester sewing thread construction is with the continuous filament polyester core and soft staple polyester wrap, delivers high seam strength and excellent performance. It has outstanding sewability and creates a smoother, softer handle to the sewn seam when compared with conventional sewing threads, its strength also 15%-20% higher than conventional sewing threads.

Líon: MH corespun polyester sewing thread has counts as 20/2,30/2, 40/3, 50/2, 60/2, 60/3, to 80/2

Dath: with 800 colors, it can match perfectly to the sewed fabric

Teastas: Oeko Tex Standard 100 Annext 6

Iarratais: Mainly used on outdoor performance, sportswear, woven outerwear and fashion jackets, Jeans,leather products, etc.

MH Corespun polyester sewing thread Advantage

Excellent Strength Tenacity,High Resistance to Abrasion, High Chemical Resistance, Evenness and Nice Appearance, Minimise Skipped Stitches, High Productvity,Minimise Seam Puckering,High level of colour fastness, Meets Oeko Tex Standard 100 Annext 6.

Choosing to use MH corespun polyester sewing thread,will not only enhance the appearance of sewn products, but can greatly improve the productivity and performance of a sewing production line.

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